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Create an Additional Revenue Stream with a Bitcoin ATM

Updated: May 1, 2022

There is no question Bitcoin is hot right now. But how do merchants take advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Benefits to Retailers

With a hassle-free Bitcoin ATM in your location you’ll benefit from:

• A new source of income

• Increase foot traffic

• Attract new customers with a new innovative service

• Differentiate your location from the competition

Hassle-Free & Compliance Free

Through our hassle-free program, PowerCoin handles everything from installation, operation, service and cash management, communication and compliance. You just provide the floor space (2' x2') and a regular AC outlet connection.

Our company has the required Federal and local licenses necessary to operate the business. We also handle all the compliance requirements including meeting AML and KYC standards, so there is no need to worry about compliance.

Multiple Source of Income

Our program allows you to receive income from a variety of sources:

• Selling Bitcoin

• Converting Bitcoin back to cash

• Selling other crypto-currencies

Compensation Plans

Bitcoin ATMs generate income by charging users a commission. You receive income based on one of the following scenarios:

Fixed Monthly Rent based on location traffic and type of business

Revenue Share based on the gross monthly revenue of the Bitcoin ATM

Combination of fixed rent and revenue share

Ready to reap the rewards by hosting a Bitcoin ATM? Contact us: 888.971.3116 |

Or download our brochure.

Download PDF • 731KB

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