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Crypto fraud and scams every Bitcoin ATM owner should be aware of

The sale of cryptocurrencies has experienced rapid growth over the last few years. As with any industry that deals with payments, cash or, in this case Bitcoin, scammers are looking for ways get their hands on these valuable assets.

It is important we prevent scams before it occurs.

To help you protect your your customers that use your Bitcoin ATM, PowerCoin has put together a comprehensive guide to inform you of some of the most common frauds and scams our industry, in general, has experience. The purpose of the guide is to minimize the chances of you, your customers and your employees falling for any of these popular forms of illicit activities.

PowerCoin-Guide to Preventing Crypto Scams
Download PDF • 6.30MB

Please call 1 (855) 524 8786 if you have any questions or receive any suspicious communication.

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