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Get a Hassle-Free Bitcoin ATM

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Hassle-Free Turnkey Placement Program

No cost to you, our Bitcoin kiosk does not compete with your traditional ATM. Through our hassle-free program, PowerCoin handles everything from installation, operation, service and cash management, communication and compliance. You just provide the floor space and a

regular AC outlet connection.

Small Footprint

Our compact Bitcoin machines take up only 2’x2’ of floor space. You receive compensation for hosting the machine in your business.

Compensation Plans

Bitcoin ATMs generate income by charging users a commission. You receive income based on one of the following scenarios:

  • Fixed Monthly Rent based on location traffic and type of business

  • Revenue Share based on the gross monthly income of the Bitcoin ATM

  • A Combination of fixed rent and revenue share

Contact us today at and start benefiting from offering a new and innovative service that will attract new customers, differentiate your business from the competition and provide a new source of income.

Download our brochure:

Powercoin Online Flyer 2022
Download PDF • 1.28MB

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