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Powercoin Leads Efforts to Form Cryptocurrency Forum

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) worldwide are one of the latest targets for fraud and attacks. And the issues go beyond the standard smash-and-grab and jackpotting so often seen with standard ATMs. Bitcoin users are increasingly seeing phishing emails and other nefarious attacks directed at consumers.

To address these concerns, provide Best Practices for BTM operators and the retailers that host the machines, the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) recently launched a Cryptocurrency ATM Deployers Forum. In addition to addressing the problems and concerns directly affecting the cryptocurrency industry, the Forum will build advocacy efforts and liaisons with regulators to build awareness to develop ways to protect the industry and its consumers.

But it wouldn’t have happened without the leadership and vision of Powercoinh's management team. ief Development and Marketing Officer Jorge Fernandez. A 20+ year veteran of the ATM industry, it was his vision, initiative and leadership that helped to create the Forum. He also has been providing on-going guidance and leadership for the group.

“I’m pleased ATMIA took my idea and threw their support behind building a group dedicated to meeting the needs of the innovative new Bitcoin ATM industry,” said Fernandez.

“Given the growing global growth of cryptocurrency dispensing ATMs, the need for systematic cooperation among the industry never been greater,” Fernandez continues. “As with any new technology, there is a heightened need for advocacy with regulators and best practices, to ensure this vital new sector of the ATM industry can be truly optimized for future growth.

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