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What is Bitcoin?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Bitcoin is the most popular of the many cryptocurrencies in circulation today. Virtual money

without a physical counterpart such as banknotes or coins, cryptocurrency exists only in electronic form. It operates using blockchain technology to generate decentralized, transparent financial transactions.

Not controlled by a central authority, bank or government, cryptocurrency is an easy way to send funds internationally without the hassle of exchange rates and wire transfers. It can be used for person-to-person payments, to buy goods and services or as an investment.

How Merchants Benefit from having a Bitcoin ATM


PowerCoin pays you to host a Bitcoin ATM. No cost to you, we handle everything from shipment to support and all operating expenses.


Bitcoin ATMs increase foot traffic and attract new customers to your business, by offering a new and innovative service that is in high demand.


PowerCoin advertises its locations across many internet platforms – giving your business added exposure at a national level.

Download our Brochure and then contact Us at 888.971.3116 or to get a hassle-free Bitcoin ATM for your business today!

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